Friday, July 02, 2010

In Passing


Hello. I am not "Mal". I am her daughter. I had not realized until last week that she had been writing again. I wish I had known. What she had to say was so much her but at depths she did not normally shared with my sister and me. Just another example of how she kept her many life roles well defined. I am also an engineer but I had no idea how widely her work had gone over the years or how published she was.

Growing up with her I had no idea how unusual she was. She told me once that time and distance always adds perspective to things you wish you could have seen when you were closer. I never thought it would apply to her too.

She became very ill shortly after the last entry. I am writing this note to close out her blog because she would not want to leave it dangling like so many others have left theirs.

We miss her.