Saturday, September 02, 2006

Sailing to Summers End

I had a break today so I thought I would take the opportunity to catch up on some blogging.

The weather here has changed and you can begin to feel the season turning. The days are shorter, the nites just a bit cooler and if you look, tinges of red and scarlet are showing in the trees. We were having dinner at the home of friends in somewhat rural Wisconsin this week*. Despite the absolutely perfect day, I kept hearing Gordon Lightfoots "Christian Island" in my head all evening, a sure sign that we are looking for Fall soon.

Enjoy *S*

I'm sailin' down the summer wind,
I got whiskers on my chin,
and I like the mood I'm in,
as I while away the time of day,
in the lee of Christian Island.

Tall and strong, she dips and reels,
I call her Silver Heels,
and she tells me how she feels.
She's a good old boat and she'll stay afloat,
through the toughest gail and keep smilin',
but for one more day she would like to stay,
in the lee of Christian Island.

I'm sailin' down the summer day,
where fish and seagulls play,
I put my troubles all away.
And when the gail comes up I'll fill me cup,
with the whiskey of the highlands.
She's a good old ship and she'll make the trip,
from the lee of Christian Island.

Tall and strong she slips along,
I sing for her a song,
and she leans into the wind.
She's a good old boat and she'll stay afloat,
through the toughest gail and keep smilin',
and when the summer ends we will rest again,
In the lee of Christian Island.

*my new profile pic is from that dinner


Balloon Pirate said...

The knowledge that all things pass make the moments sweeter.

Lovely new pic, too.


sage said...

yeah, it's been cool here in the evenings too... and before long, to quote Mr. Lightfoot again, the gales of November will come howling...

M(urf)! said...

Thanks, Sage. Now I have that song back in my head again after finally getting rid of it after the up north trip of 2 weekends ago.

Senor Caiman said...


The weather is indeed changing. After that hurricane went through I had to wear my cover-up on my morning bike rides. I just love the cool dry weather for my hair.

Notsocranky Yankee said...

It's cooling off here too. We even have the windows closed. I enjoy the cooler weather, but I'll be sad when I have to pack away my shorts...

Fantastagirl said...

like the new pic! Glad you are back.

mal said...

BP- so true. Without contrast, the extraordinary would be mundane *S*

Sage, Murf- a good time of year to stay off Lake Superior I think. Good to know I am not the only Lightfoot fan out there

Senor Caiman-I am sure you are the image of tonorial splendour

Not So- me too, I really hate packing the shorts and tanks in the fall

Fantasta- thank you and I hope you are feeling better soon

jj mollo said...

Is it just about the end of summer? Simple songs always make me wonder. Nice pic. Can't let my wife see it.

I like the fall best, but then I don't live in MN.

Åsa said...

Mal! Nice new picture! You look younger and younger on each update – how do you do it?! It must be all that bike riding in that gorgeous environment you spend time in. Disclaimer: I don’t think it’s wrong to look “old”, so maybe healthy is a better word than young?...

I have not heard that song before, but I love the fall! It’s a good time for new beginnings and taking actions on plans that has just been dreams before.

Jessica said...

Sounds beautiful. Glad to see you back.

Liz said...

Yes, I recieved word it is approaching jacket weather up there. I'm jealous, but we did finally get rain AND came down to 93 one day. Yeah!!!