Monday, December 08, 2008

Gloom and Doom?

I just don't know. No question the situation is ugly.

I have been on the new job for 8 months now. I really enjoy what I am doing and I know I am making a significant contribution. In a $2 MM company I am the only person that does what I do. We just finished a very solid quarter. So you think everything would be great?

Wrong. I work within another group that has a "downstream" function from what I do. There are 6 of them and last Friday 2 of them were laid off. The company has taken the attitude they need to restructure before the numbers go bad.

Great proactive thinking, right?

I just don't know. No question the situation is ugly.

By the time any one notices we are in a recession, we are half way through it. Can it get THAT bad?

I just don't know. No question the situation is ugly.

*a small footnote of history, this iconic picture was taken about 10 miles from where I grew up


Freewheel said...

Mal, good to see a new blog post!

These are definitely tough times, and there doesn't seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Yet. Hope things work out for you!

EB72 said...

I just read an article today about the little girl on the left in that photo. Today she is 77 years old. She said that photo shamed her family and as a result they worked hard, bought homes and kept what they had determined to never be in that position again.

My agency offered one of the most secure jobs in Southern California. Yesterday, our General Manager issued a statement and used the "L" word.

Yes, things are bad.

mal said...

FW- Thank you *S* we are in decent shape and even I am laid off we will not miss any meals around here.

EB-knowing who you work for I am just as surprised as you probably were...WOW

It sounds like you read the same article I did. I always assumed that pic came from Oklahoma or such. I never thought it could have been from Nipomo. Growing up in Santa Maria, it was a surprise. Just another of example of how we are surrounded by history.