Thursday, July 20, 2006

Some Times.......

Some times we forget.

The Mid East seems determined to wallow in a nihlistic quagmire. More jobs are going overseas. Famine, tribalism and pogroms are the order of the day in the Horn of Africa. The Chinese seem determined to assert their world power. Global warming appears to be a larger issue than even the doomsayers thought. Our political leadership continues a decades long tradition of foolishness. It seems we are at the "End of Days"

Adding to my own miasma are issues that have come to light this week that bode future difficulty for the sibs and me.

At times we forget important things

The "End of Days" has been expected for a couple of thousand years now. Despite our leadership, we seem to keep muddling along. Jobs have gone overseas before, and come back. More people live on this planet at a higher standard of living than ever before in history. Global Warming has been here before and is fixable. The Chinese, like the Russians and the Romans will find that World Powers come and go.

On my own issues. If I was born 20 years earlier, neither my sibs or I would have lived to our current age. We are around to deal with these pending problems. My family is well and by the standards of any Age. I live in a golden one.

Some times we get so wrapped up in problems, we miss the blessings.


Leesa said...

A golden age? Interesting perspective. I wonder, though, if the pace of live has detracted from some of the standards of living. Not sure. Regardless, I am making the most of the time I have on Earth!

Freewheel said...

Hope your doing well. There are lots of hills out there just waiting for you and your bike.

James said...

Great post, Mal. I think it's easy to forget to count one's blessings.

jj mollo said...

Yes, it is a golden age. We live long enough to get wise. People work together to help others and solve the global problems. Diseases are cured, levees are fixed, kids are smarter, bikes are ultralight, cows milk themselves, and butterflies are still fluttering.

I'm not expecting the End of Days any time soon -- the end of my days maybe. I enjoy life as much as I can, but I do worry. I worry that people will look back upon this time as a golden age. I worry that our children will make the wrong choices. We have been lucky, but we have to be smart.

Good luck with your problems.

Grant said...

Amen (read: feckin' A!)

sage said...

You sound like Qoheleth, the Teacher (in Ecclesiastes).

But what do you mean that if you were born 20 years earlier, you and your siblings wouldn't live to the age you are now. Life expectancy hasn't increased that much, nor are you that old!

Ed Abbey said...

I've don't think we can ever destroy the earth. Long after we humans are but a bone record in a stratum of earth's crust, earth will still be here. On the other hand, I think we humans have reached our peak and are on the downhill side. Hopefully there are thousands of years left to go before we run out of hill.

Me personally, I would give up medical technology to live 200 years ago when the world was a much smaller and simpler place.

United We Lay said...

Counting blessings without ignoring the truth is the most important thing. I hope you're feeling safe and well. I agree with you one this one - it's easy to feel overwhelmed with the state of the world. 100 years ago our world view was a little more limited - I wonder if people were any happier.

Åsa said...

Mallory! I agree that we need to pause and just count our blessings more often. But without sticking our heads into the sand. Even if things have been bad before: I still think we need to actively work to make things better in order for them to actually be that. Nice post!

mal said...

Leesa- right on!

Freewheel- I am good TY *S*. It is parental stuff

James- TY

JJ- so true

Grant- *S*

Sage-long story, but my family has a history of spectacular health and early mortality. Hard to fight genetics

Ed-interesting choice

United- Great question! I suspect not, different times, different problems? You are very correct, we must be intellectualy honest with ourselves

Asa- so true

Senor Caiman said...


I must admit things are good except I really feel certain people should be restricted from playing golf.

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

What a timely post. Golden is definitely a matter of perspective.

Like yourself, I have come up for air to post on this subject as well. It is indeed one close to my heart.

Jessica said...

I'm definitely focused on the blessings of life right now. That said, it gives me greater reason to candidly recognize global problems and to try to make the world a better place.

Notsocranky Yankee said...

It is amazing all the conveniences we have now. I tell my kids all the time how much better they have it than I did, and I felt lucky when I was young!

Good luck with your parents. It's funny how we look at our genetics more as we age. I'm watching my mother and older sisters closely to see what I could be in for...

mal said...

Mr Gator- add me to the "do not golf" list. I am very dangerous

Barbara- great post. BTW I like the new pic

Jessica- I bet! *G**G*G*G*

Not So- yup, 2nd law of thermodynamics catches us all sooner or later, hopefully later

Chrissie said...

good post... :)
smart cookie you are.