Sunday, December 17, 2006

White Bread

I am back from OZ (Southern California) and as always it seems I learn something new and mostly odd about my family. Growing up in a very middle class neighborhood in Southern California, I always thought we were your fairly typical White, Anglosaxon, Latino, German, French, Danish, Indian family. We were 4 kids, all close in age, living with our married parents going to school with other kids like us. Well, according to the OH we were not typical.(Hey! How was a girl to know?? It seemed normal to me!!) After meeting and getting to know the in-laws I started to feel like my family was big time disfunctional. It took me a while to realize the OH's family would make the Cleavers AND the Andersons look like refugees from a soap opera. After that realization I felt much better.

Any way, good news from California! Dad is DATING!!! woooo hooooo..... Considering he is 78, he Rocks!!


Fred said...

Welcome back!

Dating at 78? My hero.

Balloon Pirate said...

I deplore the phrase 'typical.' Also 'average' and 'normal.' All families are unique. Some function better than others.

Good for your dad!


Senor Caiman said...


That young hussy wants to get all his money. Don't trust any woman that would date a 78 year old.

James said...

I say good for him. A person should never feel too old to live life.

jj mollo said...

The problems begin when you mix the Angles and the Saxons. The rest is just an attempt to make up for it. Speaking, that is, from a Scots-Irish point of view.

mal said...

Fred- I was impressed too *G*

BP- we are on the same page here *S*

Senor C- yup, those 72 year old gold diggers are dangerous! I wonder if Dad told her he has NO assets? mmmmm

James- after Mom died, he was feeling that way for a while. It is good to see him out of the funk

JJ- yup,,,it gets ugly, we are soooo confused. Are we the downtroden minority or the oppressors? *L*

Saur♥Kraut said...

The whitebread families are usually the boring ones, IMHO. I've been in conversations with my ex's mother where I could fall asleep, wake up an hour later, and neither one of us would have known.

Notsocranky Yankee said...

Glad you're back!

That's great your dad is dating -- a younger chick to boot!

Åsa said...

Mal, two things:
- your dad is awesome! How cool that he is dating!!!
- MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Have a wonderful holliday! I can’t wait to read what you have to tell after the holidays ;- )

(three things actually: I didn’t get if you meant that your family is white bread or your OH’s. I’m a non-US person you know…)

Fred said...

And, Merry Christmas!

mal said...

Saur- yup..boring is right

Not So- Dads gotta watch out for those hot young babes in fast wheel chairs!

Asa- my apologies. "White Bread" is slang for very bland, middle class, monotonously tyical things.
I should be careful with the use of those types of expressions *S*

Fred-and to you *S*